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Skiing Gear and Accessories

Ski Goggles:

At Intersport Fischer, we supply you with ski goggle brands such as Uvex, Carrera, Cratoni, and Slokker.

You can find the best ski goggles for the whole family in any price range with an individual consultation.



At Intersport Fischer, we also offer all sorts of sunglasses for everyone.  Beginning with the youngest ones, for whom we have a huge selection of children’s and young people’s sunglasses.

We have Adidas sports sunglasses for adults who would like something more sophisticated.

We have a giant selection of fashionable sports and sunglasses for anyone who left their sunglasses at home, or who would simply like to treat themselves to something new.



We stock Eisbär hats for those of you who are sportier. Our range at Intersport Fischer also includes fashionable, Italian hats from the Norton company.


Ski Socks:

Our comfortable ski stockings are optimally shaped to fit the anatomy of your feet. At Intersport Fischer, we ensure you have optimal comfort when wearing your ski shoes. An intelligent mix of fabrics also ensures your skin stays dry.

Ski Underwear:

At Intersport Fischer, we supply functional underwear sets for old and young, which will keep you dry and are extremely comfortable, as well as allowing for freedom of movement.

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